What It’s like Touring During COVID ft. Daniel Nickleski (Kygo, Sound Works)

What It’s like Touring During COVID ft. Daniel Nickleski (Kygo, Sound Works)

This week we have my good friend Daniel Nickleski on the podcast. Daniel owns and operates Sound Works out of Illinois and currently tours with Kygo. Daniel and I set off with the intention to talk about how COVID has affected the music industry – and we did do that, a little bit. But to be honest we mostly got lost in the sauce and just started talking about touring in general and tossed in some COVID here and there – and eventually dug up some embarrassing tour stories. All in all I think it’s a very well-balanced and fun episode. As always – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How Daniel went from touring for 10 years with All Time Low to being a weekend warrior with Kygo
• About an average day of a touring DJ crew
• How Daniel juggles running Sound Works and touring
• The importance of being a good hang on tour

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(00:00) Intro
(03:16) Daniel gets on the bus
(04:31) Dan’s early years in music
(07:11) How Dan got started in the music industry
(12:40) Taking a step back from touring
(21:18) Getting back on the road with Kygo
(30:26) What a workday with Kygo is like
(41:11) Touring during Covid
(52:11) What makes a good crew member
(54:22) Stories from the road
(01:01:02) Wrap up notes
(01:04:29) Shower Shoes

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