What Does an Entertainment Lawyer Do? ft. Eric German

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What Does an Entertainment Lawyer Do? ft. Eric German

This week we have Entertainment Lawyer Eric German on the show. Eric is a good example of how we are all really just fans. He loved music as a kid and found a way to make a career in it. Something that really stuck out to me about Eric is how involved he is with his clients on a daily basis. He puts his relationships before everything, and it really shows. I enjoyed his outlook on how to do business and maintain your focus. Thanks again for joining me eric.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• What the heck an entertainment lawyer does
• About Eric’s involvement in landmark cases for Napster and Limewire
• When to use a contract as an agreement
• How a lawyer forms relationships with their artist

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(00:00) Intro
(02:31) Patreon
(03:29) Eric gets on the bus
(05:56) What does an entertainment lawyer do?
(09:03) When Eric started being an entertainment lawyer
(15:26) How Eric combined law and music
(19:43) Being able to vibe with people
(27:50) How a lawyer improvers their relationship with an artist
(36:01) Intellectual property
(44:10) What an artist can and can’t say to a crowd
(47:50) What is a DMCA notice?
(52:17) How to understand contracts
(01:01:10) Wrap up notes
(01:04:28) Shower Shoes

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