What Does a Tour Promoter Do? ft. Brittanie Delava

Office Jobs
Office Jobs
What Does a Tour Promoter Do? ft. Brittanie Delava

This week we have the amazing Brittanie to talk about being a Tour Promoter. We have talked about so many jobs that exist on tour – but there is a whole other group of jobs that make it possible to even have a tour. A Tour Promoter is one of those jobs. It is also a job I thought I knew a lot about, but in fact I didn’t know much about. Their job is very important when it comes to booking a tour, selecting venues – and then of course, promoting the tour! I took this opportunity to ask Brittianie all the questions I had on the topic – and she definitely answered all of them and more. Thanks again for joining me Brittanie – enjoy the episode everyone!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How a tour is routed
• The complexity of working with venues and other artists as a Tour Promoter
• What Brittanie did to build out her position at AEG
• How a Promoter works with an artist’s team to help grow that artist

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(00:00) Intro
(02:06) Patreon
(03:46) Brittanie gets on the bus
(05:01) What does a Promoter do on tour?
(05:21) How Brittanie got started in music
(13:21) Working and learning from Dave Shapiro
(16:30) Working for AEG
(20:04) How a tour is booked out
(23:56) What an agent and local Promoter settle on
(27:42) How does an artist gets paid
(29:12) How Promoters negotiate for more money
(39:17) How a Promoter helps an artist get to their next career level
(44:57) Skills to be up to date as a Promoter
(48:59) How are lineups made
(51:50) Wrap up notes
(52:15) Shower Shoes

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