What Does a Tour Bus Driver Do? ft. Moose

Touring Jobs
Touring Jobs
What Does a Tour Bus Driver Do? ft. Moose

This week we have arguably one of the most important touring jobs on the show – the Bus Driver. Everyone meet Moose – your new favorite bus driver. Moose has spent the last 20 years of his life touring, a good portion of it – driving. However, what I really liked about Moose is that he slowly worked his way up to becoming a bus driver. A lot of drivers are lifers – they have been doing it their whole life and it is all they know. There is nothing wrong with that – in fact, I think it’s quite awesome. However our guest’s story this week was quite relatable to any touring job, and I liked that. Hope you enjoy this week’s episode – I learned a lot and look forward to being a better bus rider in the future. Thanks, Moose.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• The different tiers of vehicles bands use to tour
• How Moose creates a comfortable touring experience for artists
• Moose’s journey from being in a touring band to a touring bus driver
• How to show appreciation to your driver on tour

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(00:00) Intro
(01:48) Patreon
(02:57) Moose gets on the bus
(03:15) How Moose got on the road
(06:28) After Moose’s first tour
(11:16) Difference between bandwagon and tour bus
(16:40) Why do some bands try to cut costs with drivers
(18:32) The best place for an artist in their career
(21:23) How Moose went from bandwagons to buses
(27:20) An average day for a driver
(36:05) Why artists have problems with drivers
(43:12) Expectations of a bus driver
(48:14) The tiers of buses
(51:32) How bus drivers stay up all night
(59:29) Why you can’t shit on the bus
(01:05:46) Wrap up notes
(01:08:43) Shower Shoes

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