What Does a Stylist Do? ft. Brooke Llewellyn (Demi Lovato, Sia)

Touring Jobs
Touring Jobs
What Does a Stylist Do? ft. Brooke Llewellyn (Demi Lovato, Sia)

This week we have Brooke on the podcast! I got to hang out with Brooke a few weeks ago at a wedding and the whole time I was just thinking – I need to know more about what she does for a living. We met once before, but never really got the time to sit down and know her – now I have! Brooke is a stylist that has worked with Demi Lovato, SIA, and St. Vincent to name a few. I never realized what a big role a stylist plays in someone’s look. After the fact, it kind of seemed like a no-brainer, and I am not sure how I overlooked it before. As always I hope you genuinely enjoy this episode as much as I did. Any week I get to learn about someone else’s job on the road is a good week for me.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How Brooke started being a stylist
• What it’s like being on tour for most of the year
• How Brooke went from being a photo assistant to a lead stylist for A list artist
• How Brooke’s great network of friends helped her tour with Demi Lovato

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(00:00) Intro
(01:53) Patreon
(02:28) Brooke gets on the bus
(04:32) What does a stylist do
(10:03) The need to have a stylist on your team
(12:03) How Brooke started in styling
(18:49) Brooke going on tour with Anlias
(27:24) Touring with Demi Lovato
(31:35) Making the best of a situation
(39:19) A stylist schedule on tour
(51:55) What Brooke is working on now
(55:08) What’s next for Brooke
(57:02) Wrap up notes
(57:33) Shower Shoes

Brooke Llewellyn – Guest

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