What Does a Music Publicist Do? ft. Katy Cooper (Sum 41, Papa Roach, Lauren Sanderson)

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Touring Jobs
What Does a Music Publicist Do? ft. Katy Cooper (Sum 41, Papa Roach, Lauren Sanderson)

This week we welcome Katy Cooper to the podcast! Katy is an accomplished publicist for Big Picture Media. She has a massive list of artists she works with such as Sum 41, Papa Roach, and Lauren Sanderson. She’s incredible at connecting with people and artists – she teaches us how to network. Thank you Katy for your time and for sharing your knowledge.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• What a publicist does in the music industry
• How to properly reach out to a publicist
• The importance of a publicists
• How to navigate the music industry as a publicist

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(00:00) Intro
(03:07) Patreon
(04:04) Katy gets on the bus
(04:56) How Katy got involved in the music industry
(09:12) What it takes to be a good publicist
(10:44) What does a publicist do
(14:00) How a publicist works with an artist
(17:47) Skills needed to be a publicist
(21:12) An average day as a publicist
(24:46) Being a pro at taking rejection
(28:03) The correct way to reach out to a publicist
(29:18) The proper way to email a request
(33:26) Ticket buys and how tickets are given out
(37:42) Creating and maintaining relationships
(39:52) What a publicist does at a show
(42:24) Moments that helped Katy learn
(43:51) Being a woman in the music industry
(50:55) Size matters for a publication
(52:51) Major mistakes to avoid when talking to a publicist
(54:58) Wrap up notes
(55:06) Shower Shoes

Katy Cooper – Guest

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