What Does a Music Manger Do? ft. Mike Mowery (Ice Nine Kills)

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What Does a Music Manger Do? ft. Mike Mowery (Ice Nine Kills)

This week we welcome long-time friend and amazing music manager Mike Mowery to the podcast. Mike Mowery has managed a variety of different artists over his career, however these days he spends the majority of his time working with Ice Nine Kills. Mike is very well-spoken… wait a manager, well-spoken? No way! But really, I was very impressed with everything he had to say. Very concise, straight to the point – and honest. I love how deeply he has thought about all the topics we discussed and I could tell he truly cares about his job and spends his life trying to take it to another level. Thank you Mike! Enjoy my friends.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• What a manager does in the music world
• How Mike went from being in a small punk band to managing notable bands
• How a manager and band work together to grow the bands brand
• That managers alone can not make an artist larger than they already are

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(00:00) Intro
(02:19) Patreon
(03:17) Mike gets on the bus
(06:28) How Mike became a manager
(12:35) What does a manager do?
(17:37) When does an artist bring on a manager
(19:48) Skills needed to be a manager
(26:18) An average day for a manager
(34:30) How a manager goes about working with different styles of bands
(37:45) ​​The type of decisions managers help artists make
(45:05) What the pay structure is like for a manager
(51:13) Why some managers don’t have contracts with their artist
(56:05) Wrap up notes
(56:08) Shower Shoes

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