What Does A Merchandise Manager Do On Tour? ft. Jordan Lovis (Travis Scott, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance)

Merchandise Manager Jordan Lovis joins us this week to talk about what exactly goes on behind the scenes to get those t-shirts into customers’ hands at a concert. Jordan started out touring in a way over 15 years ago and has slowly worked his way up to bigger and more extensive tours. Most recently, Jordan ran merch for Travis Scott on his massively successful Astroworld Tour. Jordan’s past clients include Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, A Day To Remember, Run The Jewels, Good Charlotte, Miike Snow, and Travis Scott.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast, we will learn:
• Jordan’s journey to success in the touring world
• A day in the life of a merchandise manager on the road
• The importance of staying organized
• Tips for being a successful merch slinger


(0:00)​ Intro
(4:01) Jordan gets on the bus
(8:18) Jordan’s introduction to touring​
(19:40) The importance of organization
(21:23) Skills required to be successful in Merchandise Management
(22:59) General overview of job requirements
(25:13) Job scaling from small van tour to stadiums
(26:40) Venue sells, what are they, and why do they affect you?
(29:02) Astroworld and Travis Scott
(32:17) A day in the life on tour
(44:49) Game-changing experiences on the road
(47:11) To sell it all or not to sell it all, that is the question
(49:22) End of the night and prepping for the next day
(57:04) Where does the money go?

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