What Does A Guitar Tech Do On Tour? ft. Justin Trotta (blackbear, The Used, Asking Alexandria)

Justin Trotta is a long-time friend of ours and a very accomplished guitar tech. We sit down and talk to him about his journey from playing in local bands to eventually touring worldwide with artists such as The Used, Of Mice & Men, All That Remains, and Asking Alexandria. We also go over how he travels in a smart, efficient, and healthy way – an area we could all use a little help with. You can catch Justin on tour with blackbear whenever live music is returned to us. We hope you enjoy your friend Justin as much as we do.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

  • Justin’s journey to success in the touring world
  • A day in the life of a guitar tech on the road
  • The importance of always checking your gear
  • Tips for being a successful guitar tech on tour

(0:00)​ Intro

(4:39) Justin gets on the bus

(8:05) Justin’s start to touring

(12:35) Different types of guitarists and their rigs

(18:15) Learning new skills on the road and helping newbies

(20:31) The importance of helping each other out

(25:46) Skills needed to be a guitar tech

(31:01) Daily responsibilities on the road

(36:30) Travel smarter not harder

(38:39) Load-in and setup

(42:47) Soundcheck and bunk time

(48:48) Doors and preventative maintenance 

(55:18) Showtime!

(1:00:32) Loadout and aftershow

(1:06:43) Maintaining a good relationship with your artist 

(1:11:09) Wrap up notes


Justin Trotta – Guest

► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justintrotta

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