What Does a Booking Agent Do? ft Dave Shapiro (Sound Talent Group)

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Office Jobs
What Does a Booking Agent Do? ft Dave Shapiro (Sound Talent Group)

This week we have the legendary Dave Shapiro on the podcast! Dave is most well known for his relentless work ethic as a booking agent that has led to the success of countless bands. When it comes to being a booking agent – Dave is one of the best to learn from. After climbing his way to the top at The Agency Group – Dave started his own company called Sound Talent Group based out of his San Diego airport hangar. Fast forward a few years and he is running stronger than ever. His agency represents a variety of different bands and books their tours. In addition to this Dave also owns Velocity Records. Hope you guys have a blast listening to this one!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• What a booking agent does
• How Dave went from selling merch at a mall kiosk to booking several successful bands
• What the differences are between a promoter and a booking agent
• How a booking agent sets up and routes the tour

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(00:00) Intro
(02:14) Patreon
(02:45) Dave gets on the bus
(04:52) What does a booking agent do
(06:12) How Dave got his start in the music industry
(13:05) What it takes to be a booking agent
(15:21) Working with people you like
(17:22) When does an artist need a booking agent
(19:06) Who does the booking agent work with
(21:33) Being able to multitask
(26:30) The different aspects of being a booking agent
(29:44) How a tour is set up and routed​​
(37:48) Sound Talent Group
(39:14) Putting out fires the day of a show
(41:18) Velocity Records
(43:51) Shower Shoes
(44:21) Wrap up notes

Dave Shapiro – Guest

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