Welcome to Don’t Shit On The Bus with Adam Elmakias & Neil Westfall

The Essentials
The Essentials
Welcome to Don't Shit On The Bus with Adam Elmakias & Neil Westfall

Why can’t I shit on the bus? You ask. We know it may come as a surprise to you – but believe it or not, you, 100% – can’t shit on the bus. It’s the number one rule when you live on a tour bus. This is the first of many rules we will share with you on this podcast. But it is more than just a rule – it’s a mindset. Come hang out with us for a little less than an hour. We promise you it’ll be a good time – and hey, you might learn a thing or two. At least, that is our goal. 

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• Why you can’t shit on the bus

• How networking plays a massive role in the music industry 

• The goals of our podcast

• Who the hell we are  


(00:00) Intro

(03:29) What does Don’t Shit on The Bus mean?

(08:11) Why did we make this podcast?

(12:01) Adam and Neil’s start to touring

(14:47) How we met each other

(17:27) The importance of networking

(20:41) Trust us, we’re professionals

(24:32) Let us be your spirit guides

(25:36) Goals of the podcast

(33:04) Wrap it up