Tour Check-in with Suge (Miley Cyrus)

Tour Check-in with Suge (Miley Cyrus)

We are trying something new this week called Tour Check-Ins. Let’s welcome this week’s guest to the bus, Suge. Yes, it’s just Suge. Suge is a guitar tech who has a great sense of humor you won’t miss – he’s a chill dude. Suge is currently touring with Miley Cyrus so be on the lookout for him on stage.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• What it’s like to tour with Miley Cyrus
• The questions that Suge asks before taking on a tour
• A kind artist leads to a kind touring crew
• What made Suge the right person to go on tour with Miley Cyrus

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(00:00) Intro
(02:05) Patreon
(02:36) Suge gets on the bus
(04:04) When Adam and Suge met
(05:15) How long Suge has been touring
(08:06) Touring South America with Miley Cyrus
(11:35) What made Suge the right person to go on this tour
(15:18) What Suge did on the Miley Cryus tour
(16:32) The questions that should be asked before taking a tour
(20:35) What it’s like to travel on an arena level tour
(25:36) Lightning Story
(30:39) What the schedule is like on a Miley Cyrus tour
(33:48) What’s different touring with Miley compared to other bands
(37:44) Does a nice artist mean a nice crew?
(43:30) At what point would Suge decide to leave a tour
(47:45) Working with negative crew teams
(52:49) Why you shouldn’t tell negative stories from the road publicly
(54:55) Wrap up notes

Suge- Guest

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