Tour Check-In With Austin Roa (AJR)

Tour Check-In With Austin Roa (AJR)

Austin Roa is a touring photographer and videographer. He has worked with artists such as The Lumineers, HOZIER, and is currently out with AJR. In today’s episode we dive into how Austin began his career in music from shooting DIY house shows to leveling up to international arena tours. Just like on tour, he only brought good vibes and stories for this week’s episode – thanks for coming on Austin!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How to craft new images in similar-looking venues
• How Austin went from sneaking into shows at SXSW to touring around the world with AJR
• Why being a good person is the best quality to have on the road
• The amount of creative freedom Austin has with AJR

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(00:00) Intro
(01:35) Patreon
(02:05) Austin gets on the bus
(03:39) Austin’s get home from tour routine
(09:40) Touring consistently with one artist
(12:13) AJR’s Broadway show
(13:07) AJR in New Zealand
(14:49) Different sizes of AJR tours
(17:28) AJR’s viral TikTok moents
(18:59) Creating a strong relationship with an artist
(20:31) Austin’s first tour
(21:22) Going with your gut
(26:20) The value of personality when touring
(27:56) Austin jumping on Hippos Campus’s bus
(31:33) Content goals for a world tour
(33:39) Crew suggestions
(36:37) Challenging yourself creatively on tour
(41:36) How Austin stays healthy on tour
(46:40) Wrap up notes
(48:07) Shower Shoes

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