Ten Years Touring Together ft. Sam Harris of X Ambassadors and Gabe McNatt

Ten Years Touring Together ft. Sam Harris of X Ambassadors and Gabe McNatt

Sam is the lead vocalist of X Ambassadors and Gabe is their long-time tour manager of 10+ years. Sam talks with us about how X Ambassadors is constantly striving to fine-tune their shows while Gabe simultaneously progresses his Tour Managing skills to match the band’s growth. Any touring team that can stay together for 10+ years is doing it the right way, thanks for sharing your stories and advice this week – looking forward to meeting you both in real life one day.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• The importance of good communication between an artist and their tour manager
• How Images Dragon’s Dan Reynolds discovered X Ambassadors
• How a polar vortex almost stranded the X Ambassadors’ team
• Why Gabe was the right tour manager to grow along with X Ambassadors

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(00:00) Intro
(01:52) Patreon
(03:13) Sam and Gabe get on the bus
(04:51) Sam and Gabe start working with each other
(07:21) Leveling up with success
(11:25) X Ambassadors getting their first bus
(12:56) Litost song release
(16:05) Operating with a small team
(18:13) Gabe’s plan when joining the X Ambassador team
(23:11) The strive for perfection
(26:37) How Gabe was able to keep up in skill level as the band grew
(29:06) Communication is key between artist and crew
(31:58) The only times Gabe has “broke”
(35:40) Polar vortex
(39:03) Touring during COVID
(42:10) Rules on the bus
(49:53) Wrap up notes
(50:37) Shower Shoes

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