Record Labels 101: What Do Record Labels Do? ft. Katie Robinson (Elektra Music Group)

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Office Jobs
Record Labels 101: What Do Record Labels Do? ft. Katie Robinson (Elektra Music Group)

This week we welcome Katie Robinson the VP of Marketing at Electra Music Group to the podcast! Katie started her journey in the industry over 15 years ago. She has slowly climbed her way to the top and is very knowledgeable on how labels of all levels operate. In this episode she breakdowns everything we need to understand before we can go any deeper on learning about labels. I’m excited to continue our journey into understanding the different areas of the music industry and Think this episode will be a great primer for future deep dives. Thank you Katie for joining us.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How Katie has been able to work with the top record labels in the country
• About the different departments that operate at a label
• What a 360 deal is and how deals are made by labels today
• How to get a job at a record label

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(00:00) Intro
(02:49) Patreon
(03:30) Katie gets on the bus
(05:23) How Katie got started in the music industry
(11:05) How Katie navigated through the music industry
(13:47) Katie’s first job in the music industry
(19:22) What is a record label and what is their goal
(26:04) Seeing all the pieces come together (What Katie does)
(29:47) Teams on labels and how they scale
(32:30) The different departments of a label
(39:19) What is a 360 deal and how are deals different today
(43:09) What the life cycle of an album looks like
(49:27) How a couple of record labels own most other record labels
(54:19) How Katie balances work and life
(01:00:13) How to start working at a label
(01:03:21) Wrap up notes
(01:03:57) Shower Shoes

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