Matt Halpern of Periphery Interview – Life on and off the Road

Matt Halpern of Periphery Interview – Life on and off the Road

Matt Halpern is the Drummer of Periphery and one of the creators behind Get Good Drums. I love how balanced and intentional he is with his life and it was a pleasure to learn from him for an hour. Congrats on creating a human with your life, I look forward to experiencing the joys of life you are experiencing right now. See you in real life soon!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How Matt found a balance between the touring world and family life
• Several methods Matt uses to help with anxiety on and off the road
• How having a child has changed Matt’s life during COVID
• The tremendous growth of Matt’s career and business over the last decade

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(00:00) Intro
(02:12) Patreon
(02:53) Matt gets on the bus
(03:59) Matt’s first year with his kid
(07:38) Touring life prepping for raising a child
(10:28) Having a child during COVID
(13:58) Being okay with missing events and moments
(17:56) Arguing with your bandmates
(24:18) Going back on the road
(25:55) Get Good Drums
(28:06) Matt’s growth and successes over the last decade
(29:44) Book recommendations
(42:35) How Matt controls his anxiety on the road
(47:23) How Adam and Matt met
(53:58) Wrap up notes
(54:33) Shower Shoes

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