Jobs That Exist at a Venue ft. Joey Phillips (The Forum)

Jobs That Exist at a Venue ft. Joey Phillips (The Forum)

This week we are taking a trip down memory lane. Kind of – we are learning like the first 10 episodes. We were lucky enough to connect with Joey Phillips. Joey is the Event Manager at The Forum in Los Angeles. The Forum is a legendary 17,000 capacity, all music venue, that has been open since 1967. Joey takes us through what the heck a venue does. Because if you are like me – you usually just show up at a venue, give them your ticket – and watch the show. However, for every touring job, there is a venue counterpart. The venue has to work with the touring team to advance and figure out every aspect of the show. Then on the day of – they have to put it into action. This is the first of two episodes. Next week we will go a bit more in-depth on what each job does. I hope this week can be a level up in your knowledge of what goes on inside of a venue. Maybe working at a local venue first is your path to get into the music industry. Or maybe you have been touring for a while and want to find a way to get off the road. All that info and more on this week’s episode.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How Joey became the event manager of The Forum
• How venues and touring crews operate together
• What it takes for a venue to run smoothly
• All of the different positions in a venue

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(00:00) Intro
(01:04) Joey gets on the bus
(02:06) Why you should listen to Joey
(03:55) History of the Forum
(05:02) What Joey does at The Forum
(09:13) The Forum Club
(10:56) Positions at a venue
(18:46) How Joey navigated the music indsutry
(24:37) Why the venue is often overlooked
(27:30) Doing what it takes to put on a show
(28:54) What is the goal of a venue
(34:53) Facilities and Live Departments
(36:23) How touring crews and venue crews work together
(45:23) What is a drop count
(57:34) How a touring act can help out a venue
(59:52) Wrap up notes

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