Introducing Entourage Pro – A Verified Global Crew Network

Introducing Entourage Pro - A Verified Global Crew Network

Everyone please welcome the founders of Entourage Pro James and Joel. Entourage Pro is at its very core – a verified private global crew network. I was very excited when I learned about this site and I feel deeply that this is exactly what the music industry needs. James and Joel answer all of my questions, provide some insight on how they made this site, and cover how you can sign up and create an account. Sign up!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• What is Entourage Pro
• Why did Joel and James create Entourage Pro for
• How to create and edit an account on Entourage Pro
• Why the music industry operates on a word-of-mouth system for getting gigs

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(00:00) Intro
(02:22) Patreon
(03:18) Joel and James get on the bus
(04:06) What Joel and James do in the music industry
(14:28) Why the music industry was such a word-of-mouth industry?
(19:50) What is Entourage Pro?
(24:33) Pitfalls Joel and James avoided when creating Entourage Pro
(29:38) Who gets hired on Entourage Pro and who does the hiring
(40:07) Convincing people to switch over to Entourage Pro
(50:42) Going on and using Entourage Pro
(01:12:56) Editability on the site
(01:17:02) How it felt to launch the Entourage Pro
(01:18:47) Wrap up notes

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