Interview with Vic Fuentes – Being Inspired as an Artist

Interview with Vic Fuentes – Being Inspired as an Artist

This week we have Vic Fuentes – a long-time friend and a well-known singer-songwriter and musician. He spends most of his time creating and playing music for his band Pierce the Veil. As of 2019, he is the CEO of Living The Dream Foundation – a non-profit foundation that helps children and young adults living with life-threatening illnesses stay positive, maintain hope, and appreciate each and every day. Vic takes time to talk to us about his approach to creating music as well as where he draws inspiration from. I love getting to bond with artists and actually hear why they create the way they do. This was an inspiring one for me – hope you enjoy it. Thank you Vic for your time and for sharing your knowledge.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How Vic Fuentes is creating the next Pierce the Veil album
• How to craft art with time and intention
• Living The Dream Foundation
• How Vic Fuentes writes music

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(00:00) Intro
(3:06) Vic gets on the bus
(3:53) Vic working on an album and Living The Dream
(6:45) How Vic and Adam met
(9:59) ID Story
(11:54) How Vic got into music
(17:56) Pierce The Veil is an extension of Vic
(23:42) Getting inspiration from life to put into music
(26:49) How Vic writes an album
(28:45) Taking your time to craft art
(34:17) Progression in writing
(38:08) Vic learning how to dance
(46:19) Living the Dream Foundation
(52:18) Wrap up notes
(52:29) Shower Shoes

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