Interview with Ryan Seaman of I Don’t Know How But They Found Me

Interview with Ryan Seaman of I Don't Know How But They Found Me

This week we have the wonderful Ryan Seaman. Drummer of I Don’t Know How But They Found Me and all-around good guy. Ryan talks with us about his strategies of navigating the music industry as a drummer and how he has gotten to the place he is today. We both knew Ryan was a hard worker – but we never really knew to what extent. Thank you again Ryan for joining us this week – make sure to hit him up and say thanks!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• Ryan‘s journey to success in the touring world
• A day in the life of a for-hire drummer on the road
• The importance of networking to find work
• Tips for managing your dreams alongside getting a paycheck

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(0:00)​ Intro
(2:44) Ryan gets on the bus
(3:29) How Ryan knows Adam and Neil
(4:00) Knowing everyone on tour
(4:27) Ryan’s career in the music industry
(13:12) Releasing music during the pandemic
(15:43) Jumping from camp to camp successfully
(19:06) Relearning your songs
(21:32) Warped Tour Memories
(23:43) Staying employed v staying available
(24:53) Billie Eilish Moment
(32:20) Putting in what you take out
(36:21) Being an unknown drummer
(37:47) Utah and Salt Lake City
(42:51) Wrap up​

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