Interview with Matthew Heafy of Trivium

Interview with Matthew Heafy of Trivium

This week we have Matt Heafy of Trivium on the podcast. Matt Heafy is a badass. He has been in Trivium for more than half his life, is an amazing father – and runs a twitch channel while touring. Basically, he does it all, and it’s rad to hear not only how he does it – but why he does it. We did this live on his twitch channel, so if you caught us then – rad – if not – hope you enjoy!!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• Keeping in touch with the local culture through food
• Running a twitch channel while playing shows
• Learning to be an optimistic spirit on tour

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(0:00) Intro
(2:28) Matthew gets on the bus
(2:39) Catching up
(3:23) Growing pains of smaller musicians
(7:07) Roughest tour
(7:58) Reflecting when everyone started playing music
(12:43) Matthew’s Twitch origin
(20:14) Having kids while being a musician
(24:59) How technology makes age irrelevant
(30:17) Staying in shape both mentally and physically
(35:57) Discussing the size/ growth of Trivium
(37:54) Working together and not accepting failure
(45:17) The impact of a good touring crew
(49:02) How to find the best place to eat while on tour
(51:45) What is your favorite food experience?
(58:05) Wrap up notes
(58:19) Shower Shoes

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