Interview with Mark Bubb of Killer Merch

Interview with Mark Bubb of Killer Merch

Mark Bubb is the Co-owner of Killer Merch – the company that provides merch, for tours. Mark comes from the music world but his business has expanded to all corners of the entertainment industry. Killer Merch works with Ninja, Kevin Hart, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics – just to name a few. Mark played a huge role in both of our careers and it was amazing to catch up with him and hear what he has been up to. We have told you about the life/ job of selling merch on the road – but where do the merch guys get their merch from? This is where Mark comes into play. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit on the Bus podcast we will learn: 

• Mark’s journey to success in the music industry
• A day in the life of running a merch company in 2021
• Networking through the music industry OFF the road
• Tips for being a successful business person

(00:00) Intro
(10:12) Patreon
(10:46) Mark gets on the bus
(11:41) How Neil and Adam know Mark
(14:00) Wanting to come up in the music world
(14:27) Advice for up and coming tour dogs
(15:14) Street teams and how Adam got started
(16:57) The appeal of working with people that tour
(19:01) There are so many ways to tour today
(20:15) Jobs content makers need on tour
(22:19) Getting merch into retail
(23:19) Killer Merch
(25:10) Jeffree Starr’s impact on the merch industry
(37:23) Not being able to hang with successful friends
(42:42) Traps to avoid
(51:15) What makes Killer Merch unique?
(58:59) It’s all about strategy
(1:10:07) Patreon Questions
(1:13:09) Wrap up notes
(1:14:42) Shower Shoes

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