Interview with Lindsey Stirling – Maintaining a Healthy Tour Lifestyle

Interview with Lindsey Stirling - Maintaining a Healthy Tour Lifestyle

This week we welcome Lindsey Stirling to the podcast! Lindsey Stirling is a professional violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer. In addition to everything she does professionally – she is an amazing all-around person full of compassion and charisma. It shows through in everything she does in life. I originally met Lindsey about seven years ago and toured with her briefly. It was so nice to reconnect and thank her for everything she taught me, as well as learn a bit more from her and catch up with her. I think this is a special episode because Lindsey in particular is very good about sharing personal experiences with the intention of relating to and helping others. We appreciate your openness endlessly – thank you, Lindsey! See you soon on the Artemis tour!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How to stay mentally and physically strong on tour
• How Lindsey creates a family environment while touring
• Practices your craft before touring
• Lindsey changing her environment for a mental break

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(00:00) Intro
(3:03) Patreon
(3:48) Lindsey gets on the bus
(4:48) Rehearsals for Tour
(8:12) How Adam and Lindsey met
(11:27) Universal Studios on the 4th
(14:31) Fostering a loving community on tour
(17:38) What Lindsey learned during COVID
(25:13) Practicing for shows
(29:40) Prep work for a tour
(31:00) Being kind to yourself
(36:40) How Lindsey stays healthy on tour
(39:30) Cereal Party
(42:45) Staying mentally strong on tour
(49:04) Wrap up notes
(52:04) Shower Shoes

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