How To Start Getting Real Life Experience

The Essentials
The Essentials
How To Start Getting Real Life Experience

It’s one thing to learn how to tour – but we want you to be on tour. This week we break down the steps you need to take in your own daily life to start increasing your luck, networking and getting your foot in the door of that tour bus. Let’s do this – Get on the bus!!


In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:
• The Importance of starting local
• How to create luck
• How to exist backstage at a venue


(00:00) Intro
(3:35) Overview
(7:27) Creating your own luck
(12:22) Put yourself in your local scene
(17:00) Seeing an opportunity and being a good hang
(19:26) How to shadow crew
(23:23) Contacting touring crew
(29:48) Comparing yourself to others
(32:44)They said yes, now what?
(38:28) You know how to dress, but how do you act?
(40:25) Don’t do these things
(45:23) Wrap up