Fostering Friendships in the Music Industry – Interview with Thomas Falcone (Usher, Big Sean, Dillon Francis)

This week we have Thomas Falcone on the bus! Thomas and I have been friends for a while. He has toured around the world – and I have been lucky enough to have toured with him myself. AV Club reporting for Duty. He started in the Warped Tour world, made his way through hip hop, DJs, and now spends most of his time with the biggest artists you know – such as Big Sean, Shawn Mendes, and John Mayer. Anyway, if there is one thing Thomas is a pro at – it’s being a good dude. He fills every room he enters with his good vibes and this week, we take a dive into what it takes to navigate this industry and make friends along the way.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How Thomas started photography
• How to make lasting relationships on tour
• The importance of ending a business relationship the correct way
• How Thomas made large advances in his career

(00:00) Intro
(03:22) Thomas gets on the bus
(08:01) More than just photography
(10:03) How Thomas became a music photographer
(14:53) The artists Thomas has worked with
(17:45) Finding time to make friends on tour
(25:20) Making transitions from artist to artist
(28:11) Touring with the correct artist for your career
(35:40) How to end a business relationship on good terms
(43:21) How to become internet friends with people
(48:39) Embarrassing social situations
(51:48) Best way to remember names
(53:39) Wrap up notes
(56:55) Shower Shoes

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Edited & Produced by Connor Gaskey

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