Finding Your Path in the Music Industry with Tyler Posey

Finding Your Path in the Music Industry with Tyler Posey

This week Tyler Posey joins us to talk about his lifelong journey with music. Listening to Blink-182, playing in local bands, Warped Tour – and eventually touring with his band internationally. Although his journey is far from complete, it’s great being able to learn from his experience so far. Hopefully, we get to hang in Tyler with real life soon! Heck, maybe we will even tour with him one day. If you need photos – Adam is your guy. if you need Vegan food, a guitarist, or someone to talk about Blink-182 with – Neil has got you covered.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:
• How music has played a role in Tyler’s life
• Working with Crew on TV Sets
• Who loves Blink-182 more – Neil or Tyler?
• The differences between acting and touring


(00:00) Intro
(03:21) Patreon shout-outs
(04:23) Tyler gets on the bus
(08:08) Life before music
(10:44) Tyler and Neil talk about Punk shows
(14:46) Starting to play music
(16:23) New Found Glory discussion
(18:08) Being resourceful
(20:27) The start of Tyler’s touring
(23:56) Eight years of Teen Wolf life
(26:34) Tyler and his early manager
(28:22) Movie set life vs. music life
(29:44) The Vans Warped Toured!
(36:06) Tyler playing at Warped Tour
(37:21) Tyler’s touring experience
(38:37) Driving story
(41:05) Touring vs Acting
(44:06) What was discovered on tour
(53:46) Readjusting to normal life mode
(55:29) Post-tour feelings
(56:35) Crew on a TV set
(101:39) Wrap up notes
(1:02:47) Shower shoes?

Tyler Posey – Guest

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Edited & Produced by Connor Gaskey