Danny Kurily Interview – Finding Your Path to Touring with a Band

Danny Kurily Interview – Finding Your Path to Touring with a Band

Everyone welcome the awesome Danny Kurily to the podcast! Like most guests, Danny is a good friend – but even more importantly, a true badass. I have always admired how Danny has navigated the music industry and his life in general. It was a true pleasure to sit down and learn from him. We toured together with All Time Low a few times about 10 years ago, and the next thing I know he is living in LA as a personal assistant. Fast forward a few years he is running VIP for Demi Lovato. I could barely keep up with him and I wanted to know more. So this week we sat down, and had a good chat about it all. Enjoy!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• About the range of jobs Danny took during his time touring
• Ways to translate your touring skills to other jobs
• How Danny went from touring with top artists to running a successful house management company
• When touring isn’t sparking interest any longer

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(00:00) Intro
(02:18) Patreon
(03:10) Danny gets on the bus
(06:43) What life was like before touring
(10:27) Going from a day job to a tour job
(12:14) Touring expectations at the beginning
(16:14) Staying up to date with your skills
(18:49) Other jobs Danny had on the road
(24:53) Skills Danny took from his day job to touring
(28:25) When the shininess of tour went away for Danny
(30:38) The hardest part of leaving a tour
(35:05) What made Danny not want to tour any longer
(39:16) Red flags that see when you need to get off the road
(42:02) Danny’s starting DK Home Management
(49:55) Wrap up notes
(54:37) Shower Shoes

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