Connors First Tour (BoywithUke)

Connors First Tour (BoywithUke)

Connor made me write the caption this week…. Because we have Connor on the podcast! Everyone welcome our very own producer, editor, and resident good vibes advocate Connor Gaskey. Connor is on his first. tour. ever. And I couldn’t be more proud, excited, and thrilled for him. Of course, it’s only right we snag him for a day to talk to him about what he has been up to.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How Connor was able to network his way onto his first tour
• What skills Connor has learned while on the road
• The importance of being organized and clean on a bandwagon
• What it’s like to work so one on one with BoywithUke

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(00:00) Intro
(01:29) Patreon
(02:22) Connor gets on the bus
(03:45) How Connor networked his way to getting his first tour
(06:59) Connor reached out to other photographers
(10:07) Stuff you need to know before going on the road
(12:32) First day on tour
(19:05) Rules of a bandwagon
(19:54) Stories from the road
(26:28) Days seem the same on the road
(29:14) Daily routine on tour
(33:04) Staying healthy on tour
(35:05) The show
(36:15) Working one on one with BoywithUke
(38:46) Recognizing things Connor learned from the podcast on tour
(40:27) One thing of touring Connor did not expect
(41:17) Shower shoes
(41:27) Using skills learned from off the road on tour
(42:25) Things Connor is trying to improve on while touring
(43:28) Wrap up notes

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Edited & Produced by Connor Gaskey