Community Q & A

Community Q & A

We took this week to celebrate our followers and respond to their questions from the first nine episodes of the Don’t Shit on the Bus podcast. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us through this first part. If you have more questions you would like to ask – feel free to reach out. We are here to help.


(00:00) Intro
(4:32) Q1: How do you approach networking?
(7:37) Q2: What should you do if security gives you a hard time?
(11:13) Q3: How do you avoid being taken advantage of?
(14:55) Q4: Does being a fan interfere with working for an artist?
(20:01) Q5: How do you handle being left “on read”?
(26:05) Q6: What are your tips for getting into the local scene?
(33:36) Q7: How does international travel work as far as visas go?
(35:53) Q8: How do sick days work on tour?
(39:16) Q9: Do I need to go to college to tour?
(43:54) Q10: How do you handle the language barrier, specifically with security?
Adam’s questions
(47:41) Q1: Do you ever get a break as a music photographer?
(49:13) Q2: Can I shoot for the headliner even though I’m on tour with the opener?
(53:12) Q3: How do you balance doing video and photo on a tour?
(54:28) Q4: Can we talk about contracts?
Neil’s questions
(58:19) Q1: How do you “deal with” overly excited fans?
(1:05:00) Q2: What kind of contracts do you expect your crew to sign?
(1:07:34) Q3: How do you start touring as an artist?
Social Media questions
(1:10:48) Q1: Is touring as depressing as some make it out to be?
(1:13:27) Q2: How do you handle family/friends being backstage when it comes to things like catering?
(1:14:36) Q3: What are your tips for staying healthy? What is covered by the tour vs what do I have to pay for myself? How do you get paid?
(1:16:08) Q4: Has seeing the behind-the-scenes version of an artist changed the way you view them?
(1:18:16) Q5: Does age matter?
(1:20:00) Wrap up