Community Q & A #2

Community Q & A #2

It’s that time again! Community Q & A – we gathered questions from our lovely Patrons and answered them live on twitch. Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate everyone who just takes time out of their week to give the podcast a listen. See you next week for our first artist/crew combo episode! 

(00:00) Intro
(00:41) Patreon
(02:18) Q1: How do I take the leap from my 9-5 that I enjoy to touring? Is it hard to tour full time?
(04:36) Q2: What is alarm clock etiquette on a tour bus?
(07:53) Q3: What is something you never thought you needed on tour and something you regret bringing?
(13:39) Q4: What’s a solid packing guide and little secrets to help your day run smoother and your bunk comfier
(17:34) Q5: The pre-tour process. When do people meet up/ where? Who coordinates it?
(24:21) Q6: Do you, as a photographer, join the band’s rehearsals before touring to get an idea of what they are going to do on stage and how the lighting will be like?
(25:58) Q7: How early do you start packing for tour and what all goes into your gear case?
(33:37) Q8: SHOWER SHOES
(35:35) Q9: What is a good way for production someone who wants to be a production coordinator to shadow someone?
(41:22) Q10: How early in advance should you reach out to someone in order to shadow them? How do you figure who the tour manager/ manager is?
(46:03) Q11: In regards to in-ear monitors, do backline techs get the same mix as the artist they’re teching for? Who’s responsible for mixing that?
(51:00) Q12: What is a memory from tour that taught you a lot but never want or need to relive?
(56:43) Q13:What other members on the crew use in-ears and are they worth investing in?
(58:31) Q14: How can I shadow a guitar tech?
(1:00:02) Q15: Do tour managers supply all their office equipment?
(1:01:26) Q16: Do runners work for the venue or the artist?
(1:02:29) Q17: Is there a part of the crew that controls live FX on vocals or instruments?
(1:03:42) Q18: As a graphics designer are there any jobs in the touring world that could use this service or would you say it’s something that’s more behind the curtain?
(1:06:13) Q19: How are photographers paid on tour?
(1:08:17) Q20: What is the deal with your vegan restaurant Neil?
(1:10:16) Q21: At what point should I drop the extra jobs (merch, TM) I do on tour and just market myself as a photographer?
(1:12:57) Wrap Up Notes