Being The Best Hang ft. Chris Lent (The Villa, Polyphia)

Being The Best Hang ft. Chris Lent (The Villa, Polyphia)

Let’s welcome Chris Lent to the podcast this week! Chris is a drum tech, drummer, and stage manager. Chris has played with From First To Last, I Set My Friends On Fire – and is currently in The Villa and Pretty Idiiot. He is currently stage manager for Polyphia. The path Chirs has made into the music industry is one of the most rock n roll ways and it’s incredible to chat with him about how he kept leveling up his career. He’s a guy of many talents both as a crew member as well as being in a couple of his own bands. There’s a lot to learn about being a great hang on the road in this one so get ready for this week’s episode of Don’t Shit on the Bus!

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• Why Chris makes friends with all his crew mates on tour
• How Chris has worked with and been in several bands over his music career
• The importance of leaving your ego at the door when going out on the road
• What happened in the viral video Chris was in

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(00:00) Intro
(01:57) Patreon
(03:03) Chris gets on the bus
(03:16) Chris’s viral video
(12:06) Scaling up with Polyphia
(13:23) Going from drum tech to stage manager
(14:47) How Chris started touring
(18:42) Stories from the road
(26:02) Chris on joining I See My Friends on Fire
(30:35) Who Chris is currently touring with
(35:09) Working off the road
(38:39) Working without an ego
(40:02) Taking a break from music
(43:55) Creating relationships with crew members
(50:48) How to be a good guest on stage
(55:35) Wrap up notes
(56:01) Shower Shoes

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