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Interview with Podcast Host Adam Elmakias

This week we did something a little different. We will be back to our normal schedule next week. My friend Crague hit me up and said “no one knows your story” – and as much as I feel like I

How A Venue Operates ft. Joey Phillips (The Forum)

This week we are taking a trip down memory lane. Kind of – we are learning like the first 10 episodes. We were luckily enough to connect with Joey Phillips. Joey is the Event Manager at The Forum in Los

Lessons From the Road ft. Ruel and Michelle Grace Hunder

This week we revisit my favorite setup – artist and crew! We have with us all the way from Australia – Ruel and his photographer Michelle Grace Hunder. These two have a relationship that I think everyone hopes to one

Danny Worsnop – Everything and Nothing

This week we welcome Danny Worsnop to the podcast! Danny is a singer/songwriter for Asking Alexandria. This was an off the cuff episode with Danny’s crazy energy. We’ve toured together in the past and I’ve witness first hand some wild

Partners in Art ft. Yungblud and Tom Pallant

This week we have my favorite combo – an artist and one of their crew members. However, it’s not just any artist – it’s Yungblud! And it’s not just any crew member – it’s photographer Tom Pallant. They are friends

Q & A #3 Neils Send-off

This week is a special episode – we say goodbye to the best co-host ever – Neil. We did over half a year of podcasting together. It was amazing, we learned more Than I could have ever dreamed up and

Interview with Matthew Heafy of Trivium

This week we have Matt Heafy of Trivium on the podcast. Matt Heafy is a badass. He has been in Trivium for more than half his life, is an amazing father – and runs a twitch channel while touring. Basically,

merch in 2021

Interview with Mark Bubb of Killer Merch

Mark Bubb is the Co-owner of Killer Merch – the company that provides merch, for tours. Mark comes from the music world but his business has expanded to all corners of the entertainment industry. Killer Merch works with Ninja, Kevin

Finding Your Path in the Music Industry with Tyler Posey

This week Tyler Posey joins us to talk about his lifelong journey with music. Listening to Blink-182, playing in local bands, Warped Tour – and eventually touring with his band internationally. Although his journey is far from complete, it’s great

Mary Westfall Vegan Chef

What Does a Chef do on Tour?

This week we are joined by Mary Westfall, one of the most accomplished personal Vegan Chefs in the music industry. Although she does not tour much anymore – we can partly blame Neil for that one. Together they have started

Level Up Your Touring with Shane Told of Silverstein

Please welcome Shane Told to the bus! Shane is the lead singer of Silverstein and host of Lead Singer Syndrome Podcast. Shane is a special guest to Neil and me because he and his band played such a significant role

Touring with blink-182’s Mark Hoppus & Robert Ortiz

Please welcome Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, and his stage-right hand man – Robert Ortiz, to the podcast! Mark and Robert have worked together for 15+ years, a feat only most of us can hope to accomplish in our professional careers. Neil

Community Q & A #2

It’s that time again! Community Q & A – we gathered questions from our lovely Patrons and answered them live on twitch. Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate everyone who just takes time out of their week to

What does a Production Manager do on Tour?

What is a Production Manager? A production manager is the person on the tour that is responsible for overseeing all the crew on a tour. The production manager is a more specialized version of the tour manager, and the two

What Does A Lighting Director Do On Tour?

What does a Lighting Director do? A lighting director, also known as an LD, is the person on tour that’s responsible for the stage lighting during the show. They spend time programming and creating automated cues for the tour, as

What Does A Front Of House Engineer Do On Tour?

A front of house engineer, aka FOH, is the person on tour that takes care of mixing the sound the artist is putting out to the audience. The front of house engineer is usually in a barricaded box or tent

What Does A Production Coordinator Do On Tour?

What is a Production Coordinator? A production coordinator, also known as a production assistant or band/personal assistant, is the person on tour responsible for things like booking accommodations for travel and ensuring everyone is taken care of on their off-day.

What Does A Guitar Tech Do On Tour?

What is a Guitar Tech?  A guitar tech is the person on tour responsible for the maintenance of the guitars. Their main priorities include loading and unloading the guitarists’ gear, tuning and prepping guitars for the show, cleaning and changing

What Does A Video Operator Do On Tour?

What Is a Video Operator? A video operator is the person on tour that produces any video content requested by the artist. Video operators, sometimes called VJ’s, are most commonly found in the DJ world, but video walls are becoming

What Does A Tour Photographer Do On Tour?

What is a Tour Photographer? A tour photographer is a person on tour that is responsible for photographing the artist throughout the day and during the show. Many different routes can be taken to get involved as a tour photographer.

What Does A Drum Tech Do On Tour?

What Is a Drum Technician? A drum technician is the person on tour who’s responsible for the setup, break down, and maintenance of the artist’s drum kit. They’re also in charge of ordering replacement parts for the drum kit, maintaining

What Does A Monitor Engineer Do On Tour?

What Is a Monitor Engineer? A monitor engineer, also called a sound technician or front-of-house person, is the person on tour who handles all audio for an artist’s in-ear monitors or wedges. When on stage, the artist can’t hear anything

What Does A Merchandise Manager Do On Tour?

What Is a Merchandise Manager? The merchandise manager handles the transportation and sales for all the merchandise (aka merch) on tour. They’re responsible for getting the merchandise from the vendor to the venue, loading it in and out, and selling

What Does A Tour Manager Do On Tour?

What is a Tour Manager? A tour manager, also known as a TM, is the person in charge of everything that happens on tour. They handle accounting, logistics, scheduling, and booking before a tour starts and once they’re out on

Never Miss Bus Call

Missing bus call is one of the quickest ways to lose your job on the road. Touring is all about teamwork. Join us as we briefly recap The Essentials (the first 10 Episodes) of Don’t Shit On The Bus and

Never Miss Bus Call

The next 11 episodes of Don’t Shit On The Bus’ theme is Never Miss Bus Call. Much like The Essential’s theme – Don’t Shit On The Bus – there is more to it than * just* never missing a bus

Community Q & A

We took this week to celebrate our followers and respond to their questions from the first nine episodes of the Don’t Shit on the Bus podcast. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us through this first part.

Touring Etiquette and Don’t Be A Dick

If you have made it this far, you probably understand the basics of *what* goes on, on tour. How just as importantly – and maybe even more important, is the how. WE have talked about this before, and we will

Touring Etiquette and Don’t Be A Dick

Touring etiquette can be tricky. There are countless rules, guidelines, situations, and experiences that only come up once in a while. In this episode, we cover how to exist on the road on both a work and personal level. We

Getting Hired and Paid to Tour

Getting on tour is one thing – getting on tour and getting paid is a whole different thing. I mean, of course, we all want to get paid for what we love to do. But touring requires that you get

Getting Hired and Paid to Tour

Getting on the road is one thing. Getting paid to tour is a whole different thing. In this episode, we talk about what your life might look like before going on the road. Then, of course, we will answer everyone’s

A Day In The Life Of Being On Tour

A lot goes on during a day of being on tour. Everyone is working hard, working constantly, and most importantly – working together. Tour is a big traveling organism that only flows if everyone is working together. But what does

A Day In The Life Of Being On Tour

There are so many different jobs that exist on tour. So what happens during the day? Who does what? Where do they do it? And for how long? This week we break a single tour day down into its different

The Different Ways of Traveling On Tour

The artist you are working for on tour determines the way you go about traveling for the tour. If they are a prominent artist, you will be traveling a lot nicer than a small artist. However, nicer does not always

The Different Ways of Traveling On Tour

There are many different ways to travel on tour. Van, Bus, Plane, Private Jet – and they all have their pros & cons. How you travel has the most significant effect on your touring life outside of where you are

How To Start Getting Real Life Experience

Getting real-life experience in the Music Industry is the key to starting the snowball effect that will eventually get you hired as a crew member with a band. I am sure everyone has heard the following line. We want to

How To Start Getting Real Life Experience

It’s one thing to learn how to tour – but we want you to be on tour. This week we break down the steps you need to take in your own daily life to start increasing your luck, networking and

Networking In The Music Industry

Networking is the most important part of the music industry – and maybe even life. You should probably read How to Win Friends and Influence People. It is a classic for a reason. But if you want to learn some

Networking In The Music Industry

Networking Is the language of the music industry. This is probably the most crucial episode we will ever release. This is how you navigate the music industry, how you exist in it, and your path to being successful in it.

The Pros and Cons of Touring

Touring is fun, it’s also challenging. Everyone knows the best part of touring – you get the travel the world with your friends and go to a concert every night. But there has to be a catch – right? Kind

The Pros and Cons of Touring

When you’re touring, you’re on the clock 24/7. The work can seem unrelenting at times, but the experience will mold you into a stronger, adaptable, and considerate individual. On tour, the highs are high, and the lows exist too, but

Touring 101 – What Is Touring And How Do I Do It?

Touring with musicians is a tremendous challenge and a true test of endurance, but also one of the most rewarding experiences. Since you’re constantly traveling, the job requires long hours and daily duties to be performed in and adapted to

Touring 101 – What Is Touring And How Do I Do It?

They keep telling me to tour, but what is touring? Well, we are here to answer the most basic of basic questions when it comes to touring. Starting with the most important – what is touring? We will tell you