Balancing Photo and Video on Tour

Photography and videography might look like they are similar things, but in reality, they are different professions that require creativity. Some creatives do both photo

How VIP Operates on Tour

VIP activations for concerts are a very big part of the live concert experience for fans these days and it is a good resource for

Level Up Your Touring

In our talk with Shane Told of Silverstein, we have learned a lot from a musician’s perspective about how to make sure that your crew

Working for Bigger Tours

Touring has a different vibe every single day because every artist comes with a different sort of feel. There is always a different environment, and

Life on and off the Road

It is without saying that an intentional balanced in your life on and off the road comes with a lot of practice, self-control, and discipline.

Stagehand 101

Finding your path in the music industry through being a stagehand is a very common route to getting on tour. It allows you to get

Touring Exit Strategy

People aren’t usually in the touring world because it’s just what they ended up doing. They are here because they have intention, and they want

What Does A Music Publicist Do?

Music publicists work with artists, labels, and management for their PR works. Their goal is to make sure everybody knows about their clients whether they

What Does An Entertainment Lawyer Do?

Entertainment lawyers are a significant part of an artist’s team. They are specialized in legal issues surrounding the music industry. It’s a niche job for

Working With Artists

There is a difference between working with artists and working for artists and it separates the different types of photographers. When an artist works with

How Do Street Teams Operate?

What Is a Street Team? Street teams help with the promotion and marketing of an artist, a label, or a music genre. Using word-of-mouth advertising

How Are Festival Created?

Festivals are one of the largest scale events that can be put on when it comes to entertainment. Although festivals are only for a weekend

What Does A Booking Agent Do?

What is a Booking Agent? A booking agent is one of the most important parts of an artist’s team. They advise and execute the touring

What Does A Dancer Do On Tour?

An artist’s performance gains depth on stage, TV shows, and music videos if supported by dancers. Whether having formal training or individually constant learning, there

Jobs That Exist At a Venue

What Jobs Exist at a Venue? Concert venues contain many different but interconnected jobs, and these jobs can be examined under two categories: facilities department

Record Labels 101

What is the Role of a Record Label? A record label’s role is to grow artists and get their music into the hands of as

What Does a Tour Promoter do?

What is a Tour Promoter? Tour promoters are the behind-the-scenes players of live music. They are responsible for deals between the artists and the venues,

How Does A Venue Operate?

What is a Venue? A venue is a place where musical events take place. It aims to produce and present live music to the audience.

What Does a Music Manager Do?

What is a Manager? The manager is an extension of the artist’s brand, and the artist needs a reliable consultant to guide their career choices.

What Does a Stylist do on Tour?

What is a Stylist? A stylist is a consultant who chooses clothes for celebrities, musicians, and public figures for their public appearances. When it comes

What Can We Learn From Astroworld

Concerts are coming back and it is an exciting time for the music industry. Artists, crew, and fans alike are returning to venues to celebrate

What Does A Drum Tech Do On Tour?

What Is a Drum Technician? A drum technician is the person on tour who’s responsible for the setup, break down, and maintenance of the artist’s

Never Miss Bus Call

The next 11 episodes of Don’t Shit On The Bus’ theme is Never Miss Bus Call. Much like The Essential’s theme – Don’t Shit On

Networking In The Music Industry

Networking is the most important part of the music industry – and maybe even life. You should probably read How to Win Friends and Influence

The Pros and Cons of Touring

When you’re touring, you’re on the clock 24/7. The work can seem unrelenting at times, but the experience will mold you into a stronger, adaptable,