The Podcast

Take a deep dive into the world of touring and live music production with two world renowned touring professionals. Adam Elmakias, music photographer, and Neil Westfall, guitarist for A Day To Remember, have over 20 years of combined touring experience. Whether you’re looking to break into the touring industry, already touring and want to level up your career, or just curious what it looks like behind the curtain of the live performances of your favorite bands, this podcast is for you. Adam and Neil give a comprehensive walkthrough of the touring world and interview industry experts and musicians to get their insights.

The Team

Adam Elmakias


Adam Elmakias is a Music PhotographerSIGMA ambassador, and obsessed with teaching Music Photography. He spent the last ten years of his life on the road with artists such as A Day To Remember, All Time LowLindsey Stirling, & Diplo. He also loves Magic: The Gathering.

Neil Westfall podcast

Neil Westfall


Neil Westfall is a guitarist in A Day To Remember, a really solid biker, and one of my best friends. Neil has spent the last 15 years of his life touring the world with his band. Recently he and his wife Mary opened a restaurant in Florida called The Winter Park Biscuit Co.

Connor Gaskey


Connor Gaskey is a Music and Travel Photographer, podcast editor, and a newbie to the touring world. He has not toured just yet but is aspiring to someday soon. He likes to hang with friends and travel to new places with coffee in hand.

Darrian Evancich


Darrian Evancich is a senior at SUNY Oneonta studying music industry. Although she’s never toured before she’s working on making her debut in tour management soon. In her spare time she enjoys going to shows, traveling, and eating all the good food she can find.

Crague Cook


Crague Cook has never been on tour, but he’s been friends with Adam for most of his life. He’s an IT Professional by day writer and editor by night. He also loves Magic: The Gathering and spending time with his wife and sons.