Welcome to Don’t Shit On The Bus with Adam Elmakias & Neil Westfall

Welcome to the Don’t Shit On The Bus Podcast! We are happy you are here. Our goal is to get you from the couch to the tour bus, so stick with us and we will teach you everything we know about being successful on tour.

Why Don’t Shit On The Bus?

This rule’s literal meaning originates from the fact that the vast majority of tour buses can’t handle human waste of the solid variety. If someone were to literally shit on the bus, they would leave the band with a hefty cleaning bill from the bus company. As a result, a self-centered decision to ignore the rule and shit on the bus anyway would impact the entire team adversely. Therefore, it’s considered an ultimate sign of disrespect.

However, with this podcast, we aren’t literally talking about defecating on transportation. The example above indicates the much more profound meaning of this phrase in the touring industry. When you tour, you become part of a large interdependent community. To succeed in that environment, you need to treat everyone at every level with respect, be a team player, and support the other members of the community. To fail at this is to shit on the bus, and people who shit on the bus aren’t long for the touring world. If you want to make sure you don’t shit on the bus, then you’ve come to the right place.

Tour Buses Parked Outside A Venue

Tour Buses Parked Outside A Venue

Who Are We?

We are Adam Elmakias and Neil Westfall, and we are best friends even though we live on opposite sides of the USA. Adam is a self-made music photographer. According to Neil, he pioneered the significant role that music photography plays in the music industry today. Neil is the guitarist of A Day to Remember and has been with the band since its inception. With the band, Neil has ascended through every level of the touring world. He started traveling in a truck and playing for nobody, but through tremendous hard work and dedication, he forged his way into traveling with a caravan of tour buses and semis playing for crowds of tens of thousands. Combined, we have almost 30 years of touring experience. We’ve both seen first-hand how every level of the industry looks and operates.

We need a graphic designer, desperately

We are creating this podcast to help people get out of their house and into the touring world. There isn’t much information out there for those aspiring for a career in touring, but we will change that. We will be your resource for all things tour. We don’t care how much experience you have; it’s our goal to help guide you to getting the experience you need. Everyone is welcome, and anyone can learn. 

Where Should I Start?

We suggest starting with Episode One (this one) and making your way through the first 10 episodes in order – also referred to as The Essentials. The Essentials are where we lay the foundation for understanding the touring world. There are no prerequisites. The less you know, the more we can teach you. 


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