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Community Q & A #2

It’s that time again! Community Q & A – we gathered questions from our lovely Patrons and answered them live on twitch. Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate everyone who just takes time out of their week to give the podcast a...

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What does a Production Manager do on Tour? ft. Matthew Flyzik (Kygo)

Mattew Flyzik is a combo of a Tour Manager/ Production Manager. Not many people can pull this off, but Flyzik might not even be human for all we know. The man is a machine. He spends most of his time on the road with...

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What does a Lighting Director do on Tour? ft. Jeff Maker (All Time Low, Our Last Night)

Jeff Maker is the guy that makes the artists look their best on stage. He is a lighting director, sometimes referred to as an LD. Jeff is most well known for his work with All Time Low over the past ten years. Designing and...

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