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Touring Jobs
Touring Jobs
What Does a Booking Agent Do? ft Dave Shapiro (Sound Talent Group)

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What Does A Personal Chef Do On Tour?

A personal chef is a person on the tour that is hired to take care of the dietary needs of the artist. Eating is necessary to be able to function every day, and it is also crucial to be able to get all the things the body needs to stay healthy on tour. It is easy to fall into habits of unhealthy living, and one way to avoid it is to bring a personal chef on tour. Skills Needed To Be a Personal Chef  To be a personal chef, the most important skill is being able to cook on a

Not Just For Beginners

Never been on tour, or toured half your life – I promise you the podcast can teach you something. At the very least – entertain you. 



This podcast is incredibly thorough and I guarantee you won't find as much detailed information about touring jobs anywhere else. 

Kirsten Smith

Great people, great podcast. If you're even considering a job in music, LISTEN.

Baylee Bruno

This podcast gives all of the explicit details that I was looking for on the day-to-day responsibilities of a wide variety of touring jobs